A quick bio in the third person? Oh go on. 

Hailing from Ireland, Bry is a singer/songwriter known for his DIY approach. Standing at 6 foot 6, he is very tall and is regularly reminded of this. The man has very long legs. He is essentially legs with a face. 

In 2016, Bry relocated to Los Angeles, where he recorded his debut full-length album. The record was led by the singles ‘Don’t Go Alone’ and ‘Disarm’. Bry opened for Twenty One Pilots on their European arena tour and returned to Europe twice in 2017 for two sold out headline tours. He also completed six tours of Australia/New Zealand (in hindsight this was far too many visits as people eventually stopped coming to the shows).

So what's the plan now, Bry? 

Well, Bry, after years of touring and stressing within the music industry, I moved back to Northern Ireland where I now perform regularly at weddings and other events. I also entered the world of teaching, finally putting my English degree to good use. 

So to conclude: Legs with a face/singer/teacher.