A quick bio in the third person? Go on. Make me look beautiful.  

Hailing from Ireland, Bry O Reilly is a singer/songwriter known for his pop-infused indie rock songs and DIY approach.  In 2016, Bry temporarily relocated to Los Angeles to work with producer Greg Wells (Twenty One Pilots, One Republic) on his debut full-length effort. The record was released in late 2016, and was led by the singles ‘Don’t Go Alone’ and ‘Disarm’. Bry opened for Twenty One Pilots on their European arena tour and returned to Europe twice in 2017 for two sold out headline tours. 

So what's the plan now, Bry? 

Well, Bry, I've been writing lots of new songs this year and building up a catalogue of what I hope to be certified bangers. Then it's time to negotiate a new publishing deal (hi) and then who knows. I'm actually going back to university for a bit to complete my post graduate degree in secondary education, so that's nice.

So will I get another big break in my music career like in 2016? Will stripy t-shirts reign once more? I do not know. What I do know is that Mr. O Reilly is going to be the strictest geography teacher in the UK. Can't tell your igneous rocks from your sedimentary, kid? Get out. Don't even look at me.